A blog about belief


I’ve got the rockin’ pneumonia and the free jazz arthritis. I’m a literary critic/computer scientist/sorta-philosopher who sees formal systems like programming languages as culture and culture as part of a computational process. I’m suspicious of people who don’t enjoy bullshit, but I don’t think that all bullshit is equal. I study the nature of belief, particularly as it relates to rhetorical theory, poetry, and the history of mathematical notation. As I see it, the real threat to justice today is not the rigidity of universals but the acceptance in their place of hedged claims that are immune to contrary evidence. I’m after a new kind of humanism that draws no line between rhetoric and science. My heart’s beatin’ rhythm and my brain keeps thinking about epistemology.

  1. Excellent blog. I’m currently writing about links between photography, narrative and time, and some of your responses to Lisa Zunshine’s thoughts are most apposite. Hope you don’t mind if I quote you in my book — all with proper attribution of course.

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